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PC 100 M2 BIO-Parts Cleaning-Ind Clean Syst

The PC 100 M2 Bio is the first biological product in the Karcher parts cleaner range. The process of biological cleaning is pH neutral, non toxic or hazardous non flammable. The innovative concept of using solvent free cleaning detergent works by breaking down hydrocarbons into CO2 H2O via micro-organisms.

These microbes are naturally occurring and turn destructive material into non toxic substances. This waterbased solution heated to 38 C (optimum cleaning temperature) removes grease, oil and soot from parts as well as solvent cleaners. The solution does not need changing due to natural de-composition and maintains a high cleaning performance for long periods of time. Cleaning is performed at an inbuilt sturdy sink by means of a washing brush with integral cleaning liquid feed.


Part No.1.626-722.0
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Voltage 220-240
Working area 1041 x 660
Tank 80
Prod weight 44
Prod dimensions 952 x 1181 x 1067
Pressure 0.3 / 0.03
Power rating 1
Max temp 40
Load capacity 100
Housing frame HDPE - plastic
Flow Rate 900