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WV 60-Window Vac

For perfect window cleaning Karcher's unique WV 60 window vacuum makes thorough window cleaning quick and easy. The secret lies in its innovative water recovery system. The annoying dirty water that drips down when wiping cleaned surfaces is now a thing of the past.

The WV 60 cleans windows hygienically without leaving any unsightly streaks. Using the vacuum is child's play and, since it is battery-operated, the WV 60 is extremely flexible. Thanks to the additional narrow vac nozzle, even small or hard-to-reach places, like sash windows and glass cabinets, can be cleaned effortlessly. Window cleaning has never been so much fun


Part No.1.633-251.0
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Voltage 220-240
Battery running time 20
Charging time 2
Frequency 50-60
Prod dimensions 130 x 90 x 355
Prod weight 0.7
Tank dirty water 0.1
Working width nozzle 280